2021’s Potential Upside for Green Leaf

Green leaf has become one of the hottest and most discussed sectors across international markets. Not too long ago, investing in green leaf was considered breaking the law. Nowadays, this has changed significantly. It is truly staggering to see how far this plant has come.

Countries and U.S. states have been legalizing green leaf for medicinal use for the last decade, with more and more locales beginning to legalize it for recreational use.

In fact, Joe Biden was arguably not the biggest winner on election night- it was green leaf. New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana voted to legalize adult recreational use, while South Dakota and Mississippi legalized it for medical use. Since 2012, a total of 15 states and Washington, DC, have now legalized green leaf for recreational use, while 36 states have now legalized medical green leaf. This means that the majority of Americans now have some form of access to green leaf- medically or recreationally.

According to Avis Bulbulyan, CEO of SIVA Enterprises, election night was “a tipping point for drug policy absent any federal reform.

In addition, investors are speculating that with Joe Biden in the White House, legalization at the federal level may be all but a foregone conclusion. Why? The President-elect said so himself. As quoted by the Boston Globe, the President-elect said he would “decriminalize the use of (green leaf) and automatically expunge all prior (green leaf) use convictions,”

“The 2020 election could be one of the most consequential and historical events to change the landscape of the legal U.S industry,” New Frontier Data CEO Giadha DeCarcer said, as quoted by Yahoo Finance. “With $9 billion in new revenue from 2022-2025, should all five states ballot measures pass, New Frontier Data estimates that revenues from all legal U.S. markets will reach $35.1B in 2025.”

Widespread Demand and Health Benefits

Significant research has been done on the health benefits of green leaf, with people from all walks of life finally taking note. Demand for green leaf and green leaf related products has surged as it has become more widely accepted by not only governments, but major corporations as well.

Survey numbers prove that there is plenty of pent-up demand. A Pew Research Center survey found that 67% of Americans support green leaf legalization, while a Gallup survey found that 66% of Americans are in favor of green leaf legalization- an increase from just 60% in 2016.

On top of that, 14% of Americans now use green leaf products.

Furthermore, according to a study by the Journal of Affective Disorders, green leaf can help reduce issues of depression, anxiety, and short-term stress.

These other reported medical benefits have accelerated the demand for medical green leaf as well:

With the exponential revenue growth for the current players in the sector, there are robust opportunities in the green leaf space. Certain green leaf companies are innovating and evolving the market as well, and pose very unique opportunities.


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