Cryptocurrency Payments Could Disrupt $1.9 Trillion Industry

The Top Reasons NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTTCF) is Incredibly Undervalued

Cryptocurrency could quickly revolutionize a $1.9 trillion payments industry, creating sizable opportunity for NetCents Technology Inc. (STOCK:NTTCF).  (Source 1)

In fact, with global payments giant PayPal considering listing cryptocurrency assets on its platform, it could help lead to massive adoption. 

After all, “if a financial service with 325 million active users starts listing digital assets, it is likely to make crypto more viable in the eyes of the financial mainstream,” says Coin Telegraph.  (Source 2)

Plus, “According to McKinsey, the Global Payments industry is a $1.9 trillion-dollar industry. Consumers rarely stop to consider how much of their purchasing dollar goes to payment costs vs. the goods themselves,” said NetCents Technology CEO Clayton Moore.

“Our technologies are being built to increase speed, reduce cost, and increase security of a massive industry; these new tools will help us scratch the surface. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies are the obvious use case to displace the legacy infrastructure that is no longer appropriate for our new ‘cashless’ society.”

With a massive uptick in leveraging cryptocurrency as a transactional currency, the world has just begun to see a groundswell of momentum. (Source 3)

That’s Creating Massive Shareholder Value for NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTTCF)

NetCents Technology is a transactional hub for all cryptocurrency payments, equipping businesses with the technology to integrate cryptocurrency processing into their payment model without taking on the risk or volatility of the crypto market.

“Our efforts have strategically positioned NetCents for mass adoption as more and more merchants become interested in accepting cryptocurrency for payments. We have positioned ourselves to be the default solution for these market participants,” says Founder and CEO Clayton Moore.  “This unique approach provides what we think is a clear advantage over other solutions; we have earned the credibility to be the incumbent in the payment space for cryptocurrency.”

Better still, NetCents Technology is already seeing incredible growth.

Even better, NetCents Technology announced it exceeded $1.3 million in monthly processing volume in January 2020.  The monthly transaction volume of $1,348,321 in January represented a nearly 32% increase over December 2019 when the Company processed $1,024,030.

“Reaching one million in processing volume in December was a major milestone for NetCents but our continued growth proves that we can deliver consistent, compounding increases that we’ve projected,” stated Moore. “With our laser focus on improving the merchant and user experience, combined with our merchant and partner sales strategies, we are on track to achieve our objective of processing $64 million in cryptocurrency transactions this year.”

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NetCents is Far More than a Cryptocurrency Company

It’s also providing exchange services combined with a payment platform that allows for digital touchless payments in retail environments and e-commerce payment technology.

It’s providing merchant processing to retailers.

It’s providing a commercial banking infrastructure for global banks that wish to service their clientele that desire to deposit and trade cryptocurrency.

It’s providing invoicing and payment technology to SaaS and PaaS companies (Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service). 

And it recently began working on its first “fixed-income” product with Link Global – creating investment opportunities that pay periodic income payments far exceeding “bank” savings products.  According to Moore:

 “We are building out NetCents to have attractive revenue streams based on the adoption of digital currencies worldwide – we make attractive margins on every transaction and aren’t dependent on any specific underlying cryptocurrency to make money – we will make more money as more and more wallets are created. More business clients elect to use our systems.”

“We are confident that we have positioned the Company for success, and that success just might be coming a little more quickly because of many converging world events.”

In addition, the company is further enhancing its cryptocurrency merchant gateway with an entirely new customer base.

NetCents is introducing a recurring billing solution, further providing a complete merchant and user experience to cryptocurrency payments.

This new product suite is ideally suited to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) customers. These types of Companies currently generate over $200 billion in transactions annually, and that number is growing at 17.5% annually. It is only logical that their customers would be interested in a crypto payment solution for these expenses.

“As part of our 2020 focus to provide a complete merchant experience, we have launched daily settlements, initiated the integration of the Lightning Network, and now are introducing a full-service Invoicing Suite,” added Moore. “The ability to service rapidly growing monthly subscription platforms along with traditional call centres and B2B agencies positions us to capture new market share, greatly increasing our monthly transaction volume through recurring payments.”

NetCents is Also Quickly Expanding its Geographic Footprint

The company’s geographic footprint is expanding, too.

That includes Asia.

NetCents has targeted opportunities in Asia due to the deeper penetration of cryptocurrency within the Asian financial infrastructure than is found in North America or Europe. For NetCents to monetize its technologies fully, it needs significant representation in the Asian market. 

That includes Europe.

The company just announced that it’s forming a new subsidiary in Germany to support its growing business throughout Europe.

“We have created a lot of momentum with our efforts to create business opportunities in the European market,” added Moore. “With the recent additions of additional European financial executives to our advisory board, we believe that we will only accelerate momentum from here. With a defined resource on the continent – it will make growth in Europe easier to manage. Our team will be multi-lingual, and this addition to our footprint will make it easier to pay merchants in Euro in a timely and efficient way.”

“A large part of our investor and business base is already in Europe, and the climate towards adoption is much more favorable across many business verticals in the European market. It only makes sense that we invest in initiatives that are already generating success for us as a Company. I look forward to growing our European business aggressively.”

That also includes the United States.

NetCents Technology also just announced it will be adding the United States to its NetCents Cryptocurrency Credit Card Program.

Given the interest in and technical development work that has been completed for its Canadian Cryptocurrency Credit Card program and prelaunch interest from US-based cryptocurrency holders to receive a NetCents Cryptocurrency Credit Card, the Company has made the decision to concurrently launch the program in Canada and the United States.

By including the United States to the card program prior to launch, the Company is able to streamline the technical development, management, and rollout of the program while increasing the potential card program userbase tenfold.

“This is a massive leap forward for us, what we are building represents the most seamless bridge between the $200+ billion Cryptocurrency asset class, and all of the merchants that accept credit cards,” said Moore. “We look forward to finishing our development work and rolling out our breakthrough payment products soon.”

Why Consider NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTTCF) Right Now?

There are plenty of reasons to pay close attention to NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTTCF).

  1. With a massive uptick in leveraging cryptocurrency as a transactional currency, the world has just begun to see a groundswell of momentum, creating shareholder value for NetCents Technology Inc. (STOCK:NTTCF)

  2. NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTTCF) is already seeing incredible growth. For example, revenue increased by 434% for the six months, ending April 30, 2020, compared to the six months ended April 30, 2019.  Revenue increased by 453% for the three months, ending April 30, 2020, compared to the three months ended April 30, 2019.

  3. NetCents Technology (STOCK:NTCCF) is quickly expanding its global footprint throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, and could help disrupt a $1.9 trillion payment industry.

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