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CloudMD Software & Services USA (DOCRF) CA (DOC) Turning Heads With Revenue Growth of 178% Year Over Year in Sector Expected to Grow Seven-Fold by 2025

News Update 10-8-20:

CloudMD Launches CloudMD On Demand, a National, Online Telemedicine Service for Pharmacies, Insurance Companies and Employers

The $11.9 trillion healthcare market may never be the same.

Forced into a “new normal” of virtual care, the industry has been permanently disrupted, creating a MASSIVE $250 billion opportunity for fast-growing telehealth stocks like CloudMD Software & Services Inc. USA (DOCRF) CA (DOC).(2)

It’s the very same opportunity that sent shares of Teladoc Health from approximately $60 to approximately $253 in less than four years.

The best part – the telehealth story has only just begun.

For one, according to the 2020 State of Telemedicine Report, 20% of all medical visits in 2020 will be conducted by telehealth(3)

Two, telemedicine has shifted into hyper-drive, with virtual health-care interactions on pace to top one billion by year’s end, according to analysts at Forrester Research.(4)

Three, analysts at Frost & Sullivan also say the industry could grow sevenfold by 2025 – a five-year compound growth rate of 38.2%.(5)

“The critical need for social distancing among physicians and patients will drive unprecedented demand for telehealth, which involves the use of communication systems and networks to enable either a synchronous or asynchronous session between the patient and provider,” said Victor Camlek, healthcare principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan.(6)

Even more impressive — BIG investments are just beginning to flood into the sector.

Look at Teladoc Health, for example.

The stock exploded from approximately $60 to approximately $253 a share in the last year.

That’s an increase of about 322% in less than a year.

Or take a look at 1Life Healthcare Inc.

Its stock popped from approximately $15 to approximately $43 a share just this year.

Or, look at at CloudMD Software & Services Inc. USA (DOCRF) CA (DOC)

At just $1.55 a share, it’s already showing signs of big growth.

In the first quarter of 2020, revenue rocketed 178% year over year to nearly $3.1 million.(7)

By the second quarter of 2020, revenue was up 163% year over year to $2.8 million with gross margins of 42%. Better yet, out of the gate, its network includes 14 clinics, 64 physicians, 35 specialists and allied health professionals servicing nearly 500,000 patients(8)

Here’s Why CloudMD Software & Services Could be the Next Teladoc Health

Far more impressive — One of the key differences CloudMD has over some of its competitors is that the Company provides such tools to the market on BOTH the consumer (B2C) and enterprise (B2B) sides of the industry, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Another key difference that sets is its mental health offering.

CloudMD USA (DOCRF) CANADA (DOC) Offers Both Digital Primary Care Solutions and Digital Mental Health Care Throughout North America

CloudMD just signed an Amalgamation Agreement to acquire 100% of Snapclarity Inc.

Snapclarity provides an on demand digital platform that provides an assessment for mental health disorders resulting in a personalized care plan, access to online resources, a clinical health care team and the ability to match to the right therapists.

Currently, the platform is used by employers, individuals, therapists and insurers to offer a program that effectively blends intervention with technology, artificial intelligence and human touch that supports a variety of mental health issues.

This is accomplished through a suite of digital tools that are designed by clinicians and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to positively impact outcomes.

The Acquisition makes CloudMD one of the top telemedicine companies in North America that can provide both digital primary care solutions integrated with digital mental health care plans.

The combination of these two crucial facets of healthcare addresses an important market demand from direct conversations, market intelligence with enterprise clients, insurers, governments and other payors.

CloudMD now has an integrated solution to match that demand.

Helping a bit more, the telepsychiatry market is estimated to be valued at approximately $36.3 billion by 2027(15)

“According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2018 one in five adults in U.S. had a mental illness. There has been a significant rise in telemental health visits over the past decade in the developed countries such as U.S., U.K., Germany, and Spain and the trend is expected to continue during the forecast period, thereby contributing to the adoption of virtual mental health consultation by hospitals and healthcare settings.”(15)

CloudMD is also set to make a big splash with its enterprise telemedicine software, Livecare

Livecare Connect, which is a telemedicine platform used by physicians across North America, including a strategic partnership in the United States.

In addition, Livecare has been added to preferred vendor lists of leading Government associations across Canada which represent over 20,000 practitioners.

The platform also offers:

But this is just the beginning of a much bigger story.

One that could create a real winner, just like Teladoc Health has been.

The Market is Still Undervaluing the CloudMD USA (DOCRF) CANADA (DOC) Stock

As volatile as 2020 has been, Teladoc Health has increased approximately 142% year to date.

Year to date, 1Life Healthcare has increased approximately 61%. WELL Health Technologies has increased approximately 316%. Those are some big wins in a relatively short period of time.

But it comes as no surprise.

This can quickly happen to a stock caught in a QUARTER TRILLION DOLLAR telehealth boom.

For a company like CloudMD, there’s still PLENTY of similar room to grow.

That’s especially true as it builds a sizable footprint in North America.

In fact, since acquiring Livecare in early 2020, CloudMD has been added to the approved vendor lists with some of the biggest healthcare providers in Canada including:(11)

Together, these organizations represent approximately 20,000+ practitioners.(12)

In addition, CloudMD has seen dramatic growth, with 3,600 practitioners now using the platform and almost 3 million patient charts.

That’s just in Canada.

Through a Value Added Reseller Agreement with ISYA4, CloudMD Software & Services USA (DOCRF) CA (DOC) is entering the red-hot U.S. market.

With that IDYA4 will resell CloudMD’s Livecare technology to U.S. clients, quickly expanding services throughout the North American market.

Plus, with an extensive, established client network, IDY4A could add big value to CloudMD expansion plans. IDY4A’s client list includes:

CloudMD USA (DOCRF) CANADA (DOC) Growth is Also Fueled by Impressive M&A

In August 2020, the company announced its acquisition of a profitable seven location rehabilitation clinic network with $5.8 million in annual revenue.

CloudMD also signed an agreement to acquire majority interest in West Mississauga Medical Clinic, which is already cash flow positive with revenue of $1.8 million.

It also recently announced its intent to acquire a U.S. based chronic care medical clinic to capitalize a massive multi-trillion-dollar chronic mental health disease market. According to the CDC, 90% of the US $3.5 trillion spent annually on healthcare is spent on people with chronic mental health diseases.(13)

And it acquired the South Surrey Medical Clinic, which services approximately 60,000 patients and already uses online booking, EMR software and telemedicine that will be easily integrated into CloudMD’s software and clinic network.

CloudMD USA (DOCRF) CANADA (DOC) Management Was Built by Physicians

Dr. Essam Hamza, MD – Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hamza completed his MD and Family Practice degree at the University of Alberta in 1999. He founded HealthVue in 2005 and grew the business to include four interconnected high-tech clinics serving over 100,000 patients. He also has extensive capital markets experience, taking private companies public and sitting on public company boards.

Dr. Amit Mathur, OD – President

Dr. Amit Mathur has nearly 20 years of health experience as an optometrist and entrepreneur. He cofounded Omni & Vision, a multi-location eye care clinic group and has been a consultant- lecturer to several pharma companies and participated on their Advisory panels. He also cofounded Livecare, a pioneer company in Telehealth.

Dr. David Ostrow, MD, BSc., MA, FRCPC – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. David Ostrow was President and CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health and previously held progressively senior roles at VGH and Fraser Health. He currently is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at UBC. He was the founding Medical Director of the BC Transplant Society/VGH’s Lung Transplant Program and was active in the founding of the Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic. He is the author/co-author of over 90 publications and continues to consult on matters of health policy & economics, technology and genomics.

Dr. Sohal Goyal – Director, Corporate Development

Dr. Sohal Goyal is a respected healthcare thought leader in Ontario and over his 18-year career has established a vast network of healthcare relationships. Dr. Goyal graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians. He is an assistant clinical professor with McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and is currently the Lead Physician of one of the largest Family Health Groups, which includes over 130 physicians. Dr. Goyal has held numerous leadership roles with the Ontario Medical Association and is currently chair of both District 5 and the local Primary Care Network. In addition, he has acted as an advisor for many public and private companies.

1) It’s already providing services to approximately 500,000 patients.

2) Revenue growth is off the charts with Q1 year over year growth of 178%, and Q2 year over year growth of 163%.

3) It’s very well financed raising almost $40 million since March 2020, for its expansion across North America. It’s also executing an exciting, very strong M&A pipeline.

4) It has over $30million in cash and is well-positioned for long-term growth and is prepared to deliver high returns to investors.

5) It offers both physical and mental virtual health care

6) It’s significantly undervalued as compared to its peers.

7) Best of all, patients don’t have to leave their homes for health visits anymore.


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